Customer Feedback

Satisfied Customers Are Key!

Our instructors make it happen!
Customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business strategy. If you serve a customer well, they will be a repeat customer.

We depend on our customers coming away satisfied with the knowledge they’ve not only learned a new skill but have enjoyed the course itself. Below is a sampling of feedback from Casualty Care’s customers regarding our medically trained instructors.

As you can tell from the feedback our customers like how well informed the instructors are, how they keep the courses lively using real life scenarios and realistic props. They’re known for taking what could be a heavy subject and delivering the content with humour and class participation.

Instructor: Terry Arnold

Awesome! Very explanatory, patient and creative! Very informative, knows what he is saying and doing and explains things in a sense in which a ‘new’ person understands. Background as a paramedic gave a better insight into situations.

Instructor: Terry Arnold

Louise didn’t have time to fill out an evaluation, so decided to call us instead.  She wanted to compliment us on our service, course content, and instruction by Terry Arnold.  She thoroughly enjoyed the course and Terry’s teaching; his delivery was precise and concise.  She has never attended a SFA course before where the Instructor also works in the Emergency Services, and really knows what’s he’s talking about.

Instructor: Mike Fleming

“Great sense of humour and very knowledgeable”
– Donna Byl

“Presented information in an easy to understand manner.”
– Isabella Pasquale

Instructor: Rob Harnack

“Very personable, funny. Made a heavy topic easier to manage.”
– Deanna

“Very nice. Awesome instructor! He explained everything so well.”
– Les Hosszu

Instructor: Will Plagenz

“The instructor was very experienced and educated. Best of all, he’s funny!”
– Bertha