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Our courses offer hands on experience with our casualty simulations by our Professionally Certified Instructors

Making It Easy

The Casualty Care First Aid Company has been in business since 1992 by Kelly Conway & Steve Nickels. The vision of the company is to provide excellence in teaching CPR First Aid and WHMIS using Instructors who work in emergency services in order that they could pass along their reality based experiences to their students.

Terry Arnold is the current owner and has been teaching for 20 years. Here is his experience of why hands on training is so important.

“I needed to take a first aid course to meet the requirements for the Paramedic program at Fanshawe College. I had some first aid experiences, but no formal courses at this time. So I looked up local providers and found a course with one of the more known companies. It was two full days of sitting in a classroom, with a total of 1 minute of manikin interaction under my belt. The manual was nice, instructor friendly, but had no real life experience. We just read through the manual, I literally left the course wondering if I was ready to handle an emergency.”

Casualty Care does not want any person to feel this way after attending one of our courses. We want people to feel comfortable and confident, should they ever need these skills in real life. That is why our focus is on practicing the everyday scenarios a worker may face in their specific job setting.

The Casualty Care First Aid Company is a recognized training organization in the province of Ontario. This means that we have gone through the rigorous approval process of having the government audit our teaching and very thoroughly review our course material.

    Our Mission is…

    • to include prevention & safety messages in our courses
    • to use plenty of casualty simulation to gain hands on experience for the students…FEEL the emotions of a first aider
    • to have professional, certified instructors with exceptional backgrounds
    • to give outstanding service at competitive prices
    • to meet the specific needs of our clients
    • to keep our customers supplied with all the necessary First Aid Supplies

    Instructor: Terry Arnold

    Awesome! Very explanatory, patient and creative! Very informative, knows what he is saying and doing and explains things in a sense in which a ‘new’ person understands. Background as a paramedic gave a better insight into situations.

    Instructor: Terry Arnold

    Louise didn’t have time to fill out an evaluation, so decided to call us instead.  She wanted to compliment us on our service, course content, and instruction by Terry Arnold.  She thoroughly enjoyed the course and Terry’s teaching; his delivery was precise and concise.

    Instructor: Mike Fleming

    “Great sense of humour and very knowledgeable”
    – Donna Byl

    “Presented information in an easy to understand manner.”
    – Isabella Pasquale

    Instructor: Rob Harnack

    “Very personable, funny. Made a heavy topic easier to manage.”
    – Deanna

    “Very nice. Awesome instructor! He explained everything so well.”
    – Les Hosszu

    Instructor: Will Plagenz

    “The instructor was very experienced and educated. Best of all, he’s funny!”
    – Bertha

    Government Approved

    • Work Place Safety and Insurance Board, Regulation 1101, Province of Ontario
    • Canada Labour, Transport Canada, Federal Government
    • Marine Basic and Marine Advanced First aid, Canada Shipping Act, Federal Government
    • Human Resources Development Canada, Canada Occupational Health and Safety, Federal Government
    • Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission, New Brunswick
    • Occupational Health and Safety, Nova Scotia
    • Occupational Health and Safety, Prince Edward Island
    • Ontario Environmental Training Consortium