Professional WHMIS, CPR/AED FIRST AID Training and Supplies

Did you know?

Course feedback: I'm finding the course: "Informative, interesting, helpful. Covering many topics, knew some of them but I am learning much, much more" -Jim

Instructor Upgrading

We routinely bring our Instructors together for staff meetings, where a dynamic speaker makes a presentation on a current topic.  We review the latest medical information, demonstrations of current teaching methodology, as well as the practice of casualty simulation.  Newsletters are also used to inform instructors about:

  • The latest advances in the field of first aid and emergency care. 
  • An amalgamation of the student's comments titled “What our Customers Want”.
  • Company awards presented to First Aiders who used first aid in a dramatic situation.
  • Recommended books to read, such as Under the Whirlwind by Argen and Jerrine Verkaik, the experiences of those who suffered through the Southern Ontario tornadoes and related safety recommendations.  I can see you Naked , an excellent book about public speaking. 
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