Professional WHMIS, CPR/AED FIRST AID Training and Supplies

Did you know?

Course feedback: I'm finding the course: "Informative, interesting, helpful. Covering many topics, knew some of them but I am learning much, much more" -Jim

Instructor Qualifications

We advertise for an Instructor who meets these qualifications:

  1. Works in the emergency services, example emergency nurse, firefighter or paramedic.  Our customers can then learn from their true-life experiences.

  2. Have a background in teaching.  This is imperative so they can effectively present the material.

  3. Preferences are for people who have taken courses in and or instruct: Basic Trauma Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Defibrillation, Paediatric Advanced Life Support, Teaching and Training Adults. 

Instructors are given a 56 question, written test.  They must then prepare for and deliver lessons in collaboration with an Instructor Trainer.  After the completion of a 50-hour Instructor Training Program, the Instructor then evaluates us to ensure that we are meeting his/her needs.

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