Professional WHMIS, CPR/AED FIRST AID Training and Supplies

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Course feedback: I'm finding the course: "Informative, interesting, helpful. Covering many topics, knew some of them but I am learning much, much more" -Jim

First Aid Instructor's Course

This 48 hour Instructor's course consists of:

  • watching and observing the teaching of a two day Standard First Aid course
  • co-instructing a two day Standard First Aid course
  • review teaching styles, adult learning, evaluation of practical skills
  • solo instructor's two day Standard First Aid course with an Instructor/Trainer observing
  • 4 hour Administration Session

This is a subcontracted position.

We are looking for a dynamic, energetic, vibrant Instructor.  Do you have the ability to captivate an audience with your manner of presenting? 



Are you able to tailor presentations to meet student’s needs? Are you energetic?  Would you be the type to get a standing ovation after you spoke?




We are looking for an Instructor in the emergency services, for example a paramedic, emergency nurse, fire fighter, so you can offer the real life experiences to the students.




Send your resume to The Casualty Care First Aid Company

$340.00 per person
Manuals, casualty simulation materials

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