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 "Informative and fun! Terry was very knowledgeable and I liked that he ADDED HIS PERSONAL EXPERIENCES to the course." - S. Rewis

Comments About Instructors


About Instructor Terry Arnold

  • Stayed on track, used real life situations, used our time very well
  • A much more fun experience than I expected
  • No question was ever treated as not worth asking
  • Considerate, professional and passionate about what he does
  • Excellent teacher, fun scenarios, moved right along
  • We had a great time!
  • His past experiences and mock accidents add a lot to the class

About Instructor Rob Harnack

  • An excellent, fun instructor who makes learning easy
  • Awesome, as always
  • Relaxed, up-to-date
  • The participants loved the course and Rob's teaching
  • Informative, resourceful, good sens of humour
  • Clear in teaching, didn't bore the students
  • Knowledgeable, easy to learn from


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Corrections officers assaulted

Officers assaulted. An inmate who was being admitted physically assaulted two correctional officers resulting in head, neck, and hand injuries.

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