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About Us

Kelly Conway and Steve Nickels formed the Casualty Care First Aid Company in 1992. The vision of the company is to provide excellence in teaching CPR First Aid and WHMIS using Instructors who work in emergency services in order that they could pass along their reality based experiences to their students.

Kelly says she distinctly remembers her first experience doing CPR. “ “My partner and I pulled the ambulance up to a residence. I looked at the face of a distraught elderly woman. Her husband was lying collapsed on the floor of the living room. I remember kneeling beside the man thinking about doing CPR but having my mind go completely blank on how to do it. My partner whispered to me “You can do it. Just do A then B then C.”” These are the types of real life experiences that we feel are important for the Instructors to share with the first aid students, so that they understand the human side of first aid treatment. Instructors share with the students what their first experience was like doing CPR and relating the blank feeling that often goes together. “I also tell them how helpful it was to hear those words “You can do it. Just do A then B then C.”

The Casualty Care First Aid Company is a recognized training organization in the province of Ontario. This means that we have gone through the rigorous approval process of having the government audit our teaching and very thoroughly review our course material.

In addition, the Casualty Care First Aid Company is approved by the following government agencies:

  • Work Place Safety and Insurance Board, Regulation 1101, Province of Ontario
  • Canada Labour, Transport Canada, Federal Government
  • Marine Basic and Marine Advanced First aid, Canada Shipping Act, Federal Government
  • Human Resources Development Canada, Canada Occupational Health and Safety, Federal Government
  • Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission, New Brunswick
  • Occupational Health and Safety, Nova Scotia
  • Occupational Health and Safety, Prince Edward Island
  • Ontario Environmental Training Consortium

Making It Easy

Terry Arnold is the primary Administrator for all of the various courses that The Casualty Care First Aid Company provides. Terry has a direct number and email address to make it easy for our customers. He handles all of the details for each and every course scheduled, and ensures that the Health & Safety Officer and Instructor have all of the information required.


Direct Toll Free Number:  1-800-465-7045

The Rest of Our Team

We would like to encourage you to explore the bios of the people who make up our team. 

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